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Weight beliefs among African American Women

July 14, 2017


Our featured article for the next couple of weeks is titled “Development and Validation of the Beliefs About Personal Weight Survey Among African American Women” by Stephanie Pickett, PhD, RN; Rosalind M. Peters, PhD, RN, FAAN and Thomas Templin, PhD. This article reports the development of an empirical measure that integrates culturally related beliefs. The article […]

Help for Veterans with PTSD

July 5, 2017


Our current featured article addresses one of the most pressing health problems for those who have served in military combat – post-traumatic stress disorder.  The article, titled “Efficacy of the Mantram Repetition Program for Insomnia in Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Naturalistic Study” is authored by Danielle Beck, MPH, CCRC; Lindsay Cosco Holt, PhD, RN; […]

Enhancing Person-Centered Care

June 26, 2017


For the next couple of weeks, the ANS featured article will be “Development of Hermes, a New Person-Centered Assessment Tool in Nursing Rehabilitation, Through Action Research” by Kristin Thórarinsdóttir, RN, BScN, MScN; Kristing Björnsdóttir,EdP, RN; Kristján Kristjánsson, PhD. In the article they describe the clinical application of a tool based on existentialist and hermeneutical phenomenology, […]

Nurses’ Unacknowledged Vulnerability: Burdensome Feelings

June 19, 2017


We are now featuring the article titled “Exposed to an Accumulation of Burdensome Feelings: Mental Health Nurses’ Vulnerability in Everyday Encounters With Seriously Ill Inpatients”  by Solfrid Vatne, PhD, RN. This article has important implications for practice, and provides insight into the knowledge and wisdom necessary for nursing practice.  The article is available for download at […]

Social Justice in Nursing Education

June 12, 2017


We are currently featuring the article byWhitney Thurman, MSN, RN and Megan Pfitzinger-Lippe, PhD, RN titled “Returning to the Profession’s Roots: Social Justice in Nursing Education for the 21st Century.” In this article, the authors build a strong case for redesigning nursing education to incorporate social justice concepts throughout the entire curriculum. The article is available […]

Difficult Nurse-Patient Encounters

June 2, 2017


Our new featured article is titled “A Qualitative Study of Difficult Nurse-Patient Encounters in Home Health Care” by Mary Kate Falkenstrom, PhD, RN, AOCN. Visit the ANS website to download this article at no charge while it is featured, and return here to share you comments and feedback!  Here is Dr. Falkenstrom’s message about her […]

Understanding Health Experience of Preterm Mothers

May 24, 2017


Our currnet featured article is title “Exploring Preterm Mothers’ Personal Narratives: Influences and Meanings” by Cherie S. Adkins, PhD, RN and Kim K. Doheny, PhD, NNP-BC.  This is an exemplary project focusing on caring in the human health experience, encompassing nursing’s dedication to a wholistic view of that experience.  Visit the ANS website while this […]