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Understanding Health Experience of Preterm Mothers

May 24, 2017


Our currnet featured article is title “Exploring Preterm Mothers’ Personal Narratives: Influences and Meanings” by Cherie S. Adkins, PhD, RN and Kim K. Doheny, PhD, NNP-BC.  This is an exemplary project focusing on caring in the human health experience, encompassing nursing’s dedication to a wholistic view of that experience.  Visit the ANS website while this […]

Standing Up for Science

May 18, 2017


Advances in Nursing Science, along with a host of other scholarly journals world-wide, standing for the crucial activities of science that establish what we can rely on as fact, and based on that assurance, shape wise action. But there is a now a political and cultural wave of mis-information that serves to discredit science, and […]

Mothering: The Invisible Work of War

May 15, 2017


Our current featured article is titled “What About the Next Generation That’s Coming?” The Recontextualization of Mothering Post–Refugee Resettlement by Sarah J. Hoffman, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN and Cheryl L. Robertson, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN; and Jessica Dockter Tierney, PhD. Visit the ANS website to download your copy of this article at no cost while it is […]

The Ethics of Research with Muslim Immigrant Women

May 11, 2017


We are delighted to announce the first featured article for the new issue of ANS – Volume 40 Issue 1 – officially published today on the ANS website! The article is timely given the current affairs worldwide placing many people at risk based on their Muslim religion.  The article is titled “A Bicultural Researcher’s Reflections on […]

Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms

April 27, 2017


In our current featured article titled “An Analysis and Evaluation of the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms,” authors Seung Eun Lee, MSN, RN; Catherine Vincent, PhD, RN and Lorna Finnegan, PhD, RN report the results of their analysis of the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms, first published in ANS in 1995 (see Lenz et al., 1995 and 1997). […]

Reinvisioning Photovoice for Methodology-Method Congruence

April 17, 2017


We are currently featuring the article titled “Advancing Nursing Research in the Visual Era: Reenvisioning the Photovoice Process Across Phenomenological, Grounded Theory, and Critical Theory Methodologies” by Robin A. Evans-Agnew, PhD, RN; Doris M. Boutain, PhD, RN and Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg, PhD, RN. This article has important insights not only for the use of photovoice as […]

Carper’s Patterns of Knowing: Fostering Nursing Wisdom

April 6, 2017


Our current featured article will be of great interest to ANS readers, in that the concept of “nursing’s patterns of knowing” is among the top search terms for the journal!  The article  is titled “Expert Nurses’ Perceptions of the Relevance of Carper’s Patterns of Knowing to Junior Nurses” authored by Louise Terry, PhD, SFHEA, LLB(Hons), FIBMS; […]