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ANS Volume 38:1 Just Released! Patterns of Health Behavior

Patterns of health behavior, the topic of this issue of ANS, are at the heart of nursing’s concern. In this issue you will find 38-1 coverthought-provoking articles that address specific health behaviors that constitute human responses to health challenges. Several of these articles provide insights that expand understanding of human responses, and evidence that inform nursing practice. Watch the ANS web site and blog over the coming weeks as we feature each of these articles, with messages from the authors about their work.

Visit the ANS web site now!  Here is what you will find in this new issue!

Guest Editorial by Mickey Eliason – Neoliberalism and Health

Guest Editorial by Richard Cowling –Contextualizing Patterns of Health Behavior: A Unitary-Emancipatory-Transformative Perspective

Erika Boman, Anette H¨aggblom, Berit Lundman, Bj¨orn Nygren and Regina Santamaki FischerInner strength as identified in narratives of elderly women: A focus group interview study

Sadie P. Hutson, Joanne M. Hall and Frankie L. Pack – Survivor Guilt: Analyzing the Concept and its Contexts

Shawn M. Kneipp and Linda Beeber – Social Withdrawal as a Self-Management Behavior for Migraine: Implications for Depression Comorbidity Among Disadvantaged Women

Ingrid Ruud Knutsen – A Discursive Look at Large Bodies—Implications for Discursive Approaches in Nursing and Health Research

Deborah Christensen – The Health Change Trajectory Model An Integrated Model of Health Change

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