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Why ANS is a Topical Journal

One of the unique features of ANS is that it has maintained the “Issue Topic” focus for each issue.  When we began publication in 1978, the publisher at the time (Aspen Publishers) wanted all of their journals to conform to a topical format.  Since this was my first experience as a journal editor, and was primarily focused on getting the journal Health focusunderway, I happily agreed!  As an aside, the Aspen managing editor I worked with, Wally Hood, also designed the ANS cover, which has remained constant as well.

When Lippincott, Wolters & Kluwer assumed publication of the journal in 2002, they were open to making changes in the journal and we discussed several options.  Our Senior Publisher, Sandy Kasko, agreed that the cover design should remain the same because of the distinctive identification it brought to the journal.  We also agreed that the topical format should remain as a distinctive feature of the journal, and the Advisory Board members have remained committed to our topical format.

The primary reason remains this: our topics call forth scholarship that might otherwise be neglected in nursing’s literature.  It encourages prospective authors Read more

ANS online and on paper: is there a difference?

By now ANS readers are familiar with accessing articles online, either through the ANS web site, or the electronic collection provided by their organization’s library.  The data on usage clearly documents the overwhelming preference that readers have for journal content online.  Since all of the journal content is accessible online, you may not be aware thatLaptops and paper books some of the content of the journal appears only online, and not in ANS on paper!  Regardless of the format on paper or online-only, all articles that appear in ANS have undergone the exact same peer-review scrutiny, and meet the scholarly criteria established for publication in ANS. All articles have also been revised to address issues and suggestions offered by the reviewers, adding substantially to the quality of what you read.

We began including online-only content about 3 years ago.  This has been a tremendous value for the journal, as well as for the discipline.  When a journal is limited to paper only, the result can be a huge back-log of excellent material with long periods of time between submission and actual publication, or a severe limitation in what can be published by the journal, dictated not by Read more

April-June issue now available – Practice-Based Evidence

This is a terrific issue of ANS that you will not want to miss!  The Table of Contents is on the ANS web site, where you can go directly to details about each article.  This issue focuses on the topic “Practice-Based Evidence” but also features commentaries about two previously published articles that raised quite a bit of reader response!  These commentaries are available as free downloads in the “Featured Articles” section of the Home Page.

Here is some background on the commentaries.  The article by David Keepnews titled Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health Issues and Nursing: Moving Toward an Agenda is a thoughtful response to the article published last fall in ANS 33:3.  That article, titled Nursing’s Silence on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues: The Need for Emancipatory Efforts is based on an analysis by Eliason, Dibble and DeJoseph examining content in nurse journals with high impact-factor scores.  Their analysis revealed Read more

Follow Featured Articles – free downloads!

Every couple of weeks, we feature one or two articles on the ANS Web Site, and while they are featured, you can download them for free. The featured articles are from the latest issue of the journal, so check the web site often and follow the very latest!

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