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Evidence supporting father-friendly care for families

One of our “Editor’s Picks” for the current ANS issue is the article titled “Transition to Fatherhood: Modeling the Experience of Fathers of Breastfed Infants.”  The authors, Francine deMontigny, Carl LaCharite and Annie DeVault, describe a research project in which they examined a model of the relationships among father involvement, perceived parental efficacy, events related to breastfeeding, support, stress, and income with a sample of 164 fathers of breastfed infants.  The lead author, Dr. deMontigny, whose photo is featured here, describes their work that led to this study:

For over 15 years, I have been meeting with fathers, their partner, health professionals, to hear their point of view of what influences this transition. Needless to say, their spouse is an important source of support. But it stands out that nurses too can make a difference in fathers’ experience. Every time a nurse remarks positively about fathers’ abilities with their newborn, she contributes to strengthening the relationship between the father and the child. Our team has developed the Father Friendly within the Family Initiative to support health professionals in their efforts to build stronger ties with fathers and their families. We strongly believe that engaged fathers contribute to the family’s development.

This article is available for free download now!  So visit the ANS web site, and discover this and many other recent articles that can shape the future of nursing practice!

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