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Covidicene Talk: A Philosophic Reckoning

The first featured article in the current ANS issue is titled “Patterns of Knowing and Being in the COVIDicene: An Epistemological and Ontological Reckoning for Posthumans” authored by Brandon Blaine Brown, MSN, RN-BC, CNL; Jessica Dillard-Wright, PhD, MA, CNM, RN; Jane Hopkins-Walsh, MSN, PNP-BC, RN; Chloe O. R. Littzen, PhD, RN, AE-C and Timothea Vo, BS, RN, CTN-B. The article is available at no cost while it is featured, and we are eager for your comments and discussion here! The authors provided this video in which they discuss this timely work!

Nursing in the Anthropocene

At this time of a global pandemic, the currently featured ANS article is especially relevant. In their article titled “We Have Never Been Nurses: Nursing in the Anthropocene, Undoing the Capitalocene,” Jessica Dillard-Wright, MA, MSN, RN, CNM; Jane Hopkins Walsh, MSN, PNP-BC, RN; and Brandon Blaine Brown, MSN, RN-BC, CNL advance a posthuman critique of the discipline and the future shape that is critical for the knowledge in the discipline.  You can download and read the article on the ANS website while it is featured.  The authors have prepared this short video in which they explain their perspective and why it is so important to understanding the experience of this pandemic, to the future of the earth, and to the development of nursing as a discipline.

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