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ANS Issue “Peace & Health” just released!

This just-released issue of ANS focuses on the topic of  “Peace and Health.” I believe that nursing can significantly influence conditions the

ANS 36:3 "Peace & Health"

ANS 36:3 “Peace & Health”

promote peace. In fact to reach for an ideal of  high-level wellness and health for all, understanding and creating peace is an absolute necessity. The articles in this issue of ANS stand as a signal that within the nursing community, this potential does exist. Nursing

scholarship and research contributes to understanding relationships between peace and health, and evidence that can be used to build family-wide, community-wide, nation-wide and even world-wide possibilities for peace. I hope that as a reader you will be inspired to join these authors, and many others in the nursing community to build a science, and a practice, that promotes peace!

Redefining the meta-language of nursing science

Due to technical difficulties with my webinar last week I decided to make a recording of my presentation that is now available as a YouTube video. The length is just under 30 minutes. I hope you will join me for “lunch” or “tea” to experience the video, and share your thoughts and critique here or on the NurseManifest Project blog.

This presentation covers some of the ideas from my recent paper “The Integrality of Situated Caring in Nursing and the Environment” published in the current issue of Advances in Nursing Science. I sincerely look forward to the dialogue that I hope this presentation and paper will provoke. Don’t be shy, please share your thoughts.

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