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Nursing Intervention for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease

The currently featured ANS article is  “It Is Hard Work, But It Is Worth It” – Patients and Spouses’ Experiences of a Nursing Intervention to Promote Adjustment to Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease—A Feasibility Study by  Anita Haahr, PhD, MScN, RN; Karen Østergaard,

Anita Haahr

DrMSc, MD and Marit Kirkevold, DrEd, RN. We invite you to download this article (no cost) while it is featured, and share your comments here.  As leader of the Denmark/Norway team of researchers, Dr. Haahr shared this background about her interest in working with people living with Parkinson’s disease:

Parkinson’s disease has been my research focus for more than a decade. My interest in and passion for caring for persons living with Parkinson’s disease and their spouses, began when I was a nursing student. My passion developed further during my work as a neurological nurse. As a nurse researcher I have had a specific interest in exploring everyday living and coping with Parkinson’s disease when receiving deep brain stimulation. This focus has developed over time, focusing on how nurses and other health care professionals can support persons living with the disease and their spouses when coping with and adjusting to the unpredictability of living with the disease in the advanced stage, whether they are being treated with Deep brain stimulation, or in a general rehabilitation setting.
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