Ethics and Democratic Professionalism in Nursing

October 22, 2014



Our current featured article, titled “Discourses of Social Justice Examining the Ethics of Democratic Professionalism in Nursing” by Janice L. Thompson, PhD, RN is a thought-provoking article that challenges all nurses – in practice, academics or research – to contribute to social justice in health care.  Dr. Thompson has shared this My article “Discourses of […]

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Moving beyond Rhetoric to Action: Understanding Inequalities to Health Care Services

October 9, 2014


overview diagram of the various aspects of the Access Research Initiative

Rhetoric admonishing nurses and other health care professionals to address inequalities in health care is a common message; it is less often that we learn about concrete action to do just that!  In our current featured article, titled “Understanding Inequalities in Access to Health Care Services for Aboriginal People: A Call for Nursing Action” the […]

Reflections on experience researching LGBT health

September 29, 2014



Our current featured article titled “Enhancing our Understanding of Emancipatory Nursing: A Reflection on the Use of Critical Feminist Methodologies” by Judith Ann MacDonnell, PhD, RN, provides a rare glimpse in to the life of a researcher.  Dr. MacDonnell’s reflections are particularly significant given the focus on her scholarship – LGBT health.  Dr. MacDonnell shared […]

When the Unimaginable is Real

September 19, 2014



Dilmi S. Aluwihare-Samaranayake, MSN, MBA, author of our current featured article titled “Representations, Forbidden Representations, and the Unrepresentable Creating Visibility for Mapping Emancipatory and Transformative Nursing Praxis,” brings to light the plight of people who suffer unimaginable suffering and harm.  She proposes that our inability, even unwillingness, to represent these horrific experiences in written and […]

Spirituality and Social Justice

September 8, 2014



In the current ANS featured article, author Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, PhD, RN explores an area of scholarship that is rare in nursing literature – the interplay between social justice, religion, spirituality, health, and nursing. The article is titled “Nursing Research on Religion and Spirituality Through a Social Justice Lens.” Dr. Reimer-Kirkham uses the critical perspectives of postcolonial […]

Literary Analysis of Global Female Identity, Health, and Equity

August 30, 2014


snow flower

We are now featuring the article titled “A Literary Analysis of Global Female Identity, Health, and Equity” by Teresa L. Hagan, BSN, BA, RN and Susan M. Cohen, PhD, APRN.  This article summarizes the narratives of 4 female protagonists from popular novels to identify similarities between their personal and contextualized experiences. Based on their analysis, […]

New Issue Topic for 2016: Women & Girls!

August 28, 2014


37-3 cover

For everyone whose scholarship addresses health and health care for women and girls – this is for you!  We have just scheduled ANS 39:2 to focus on “Women & Girls!”  The due date for manuscripts is October 15, 2015, so you have ample time to plan your submission for this issue!  Here is the issue […]


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