Caring across cultural groups

July 27, 2014



Our current featured article is an exemplar of research that provides evidence of cultural meanings of health and illness.  The article is titled  “Family Adjustment Across Cultural Groups in Autistic Spectrum Disorders” is by Sandra L. Lobar, PhD, APRN, PPCNP-BC.  Dr. Lobar provides a summary of  literature related to ways in which signs and symptoms […]

Informed Advocacy: An Emancipatory Nursing Perspective

July 12, 2014


The current ANS featured article is titled “Informed Advocacy: Rural, Remote, and Northern Nursing Praxis.”  In this article, the authors, Karen MacKinnon, PhD, RN; Pertice Moffitt, PhD, RN present present a synthesis of their combined research about nursing practices in Western and Northern Canada. They compared the stories of rural Canadian public health nurses with feminist […]

Nursing as Body Work

June 26, 2014



The current “Editor’s Pick ” article from the current ANS issue is titled “Critical Perspectives on Nursing as Bodywork,” authored by Karen Anne Wolf, PhD, APRN-BC, DFNAP. In this thought-provoking article, Dr. Wolf  calls for nurses to reject the objectification of the body and instead reclaim body work as integral to a holistic perspective. Dr. Wolf […]

Caring as Emancipatory Nursing Praxis

June 13, 2014


Dr. Marilyn Ray

The new featured article in the current ANS issue challenges readers to examine values and believes that form a foundation for nursing as caring within complex technical and economically driven systems. The article, titled “Caring as Emancipatory Nursing Praxis: The Theory of Relational Caring Complexity,” is authored by Marilyn A. Ray, PhD, RN, CTN-A, FAAN and […]

Double-duty care-giving: Nurses’ Unpaid Family Work

May 31, 2014



The authors of the current ANS featured article examine the phenomenon of nurses’ unpaid family work – a growing trend in the face of inadequate health care resources.  In other professions, unpaid professional services are considered “pro bono”  professional service to the community.  But for nurses, their unpaid work in families is invisible and unrecognized, […]

Issue scheduled on “Technologies, Nursing & Health”

May 29, 2014


ANS pic

We have just scheduled the issue topic for ANS Volume 39:1 – Technologies, Nursing & Health!  Manuscripts for this issue will be due no later than July 15, 2015, but we accept manuscripts for review before the due date if you want to have some extra time for revisions after the manuscript review process.  Here […]


The Other Mother

May 24, 2014



The article that is featured now on the ANS web site is titled  “The Other Mother: A Narrative Analysis of the Postpartum Experiences of Nonbirth Lesbian Mothers” by Michele M. McKelvey, PhD, RN.  As LGBTQ rights have emerged as a social movement, research related to the experience of LGBTQ people and families has begun to appear […]


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