Manuscript due date extended for ANS issue on “Post-Hospital Nursing”

April 18, 2014



Yes, indeed!  If you are close to polishing a manuscript related to the topic of “port-hospital nursing,” you have some time to send it in to be considered for publication in this issue!  The new due date is May 1, 2014!  Here is the description of this issue: The period following hospitalization is a critical […]

Developing a Frailty Framework for Vulnerable Populations

April 16, 2014


Salem Small

The featured article from the current issue of ANS is titled “Development of a Frailty Framework Among Vulnerable Populations,” authored by Benissa E. Salem, PhD, MSN, RN; Adeline Nyamathi, PhD, ANP, FAAN; Linda R. Phillips, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA; Janet C. Mentes, PhD, APRN, BC, FGSA; and Catherine Sarkisian, MD, MSPH; Mary-Lynn Brecht, PhD.  Recognizing […]

Developing Praxis in Nursing Education

April 5, 2014



Our featured article from the current issue of ANS is titled “Work-Integrated Learning: A Didactic Tool to Develop Praxis in Nurse Education” by Elisabeth Dahlborg Lyckhage, PhD, RNT, RN and Sandra Pennbrant, PhD, RNT, RN.  In this thought-provoking article, the authors examine the concept of “praxis,” clarifying various meanings and proposing a view of this concept […]

Exploring the meaning of cultural competence

March 20, 2014



The current ANS featured article is titled “Cultural Competence in Health Care: An Emerging Theory” by Isabelle Soulé, PhD, RN.  In this article, Dr. Soulé presents the outcomes of her qualitative descriptive study to examine the current state of cultural competence in health care.  In her conclusion, she states: “This exploration of cultural competence in health care and health […]

Issue topic on “Veterans Health” planned for 2015

March 10, 2014



The ANS schedule for future issue topics now includes the planned topic for Volume 38 No. 4 – “Veterans Health.”  Manuscripts are due for this issue on April 15, 2015.  Here is the description: Given recent history of international conflict and violence, the health and well-being of those who have served the military of any […]

Research practices to address health equity

March 7, 2014



The authors of our current featured article provide exemplars from a study exploring African American participation in research to demonstrate the use of a combined framework for analysis that examines the interactions of environment, culture, biology and history to understand the complex problems of health inequity.  The article, titled “Uniting Postcolonial, Discourse, and Linguistic Theory to […]

Focus on transitions from a nursing perspective

February 14, 2014


Dr. Eun-Ok Im

Eun-Ok Im, PhD, MPH, RN, CNS, FAAN is the author of our latest featured article titled “Situation-Specific Theories From the Middle-Range Transitions Theory.”  She begins her article is a concise overview of nursing’s theoretical evolution, placing the emergence of situation-specific theory in an historical context.  Dr. Im and Dr. Afaf Meleis first introduced the concept of situation-specific […]


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