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NEW! ANS for the iPad!

Just released – the ANS app for the iPad!    The app is free, and for a limited time, you will have access to all the current issue contents to read and download!  I am very excited about this feature.  For quite a while now many folks have speculated about the future of journal publishing, and the possibility of paper becoming obsolete. The time has not arrived for paper to disappear for ANS, nor for most professional journals, but the arrival of the ANS app for the iPad certainly unveils a new possibility!

Soon we will begin featuring video abstracts of articles provided by the authors, and these will be directly accessible on the iPad.  Links to the video abstracts will also be available on article PDF files, and will be noted in the paper issue of the journal.  But the iPad app opens up a realm of many multi-media possibilities!  Watch for these as they begin to appear in the months to come!  Download the app today to begin exploring this great new journal feature!


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