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Improving outcomes of care transitions

I am delighted to post our first author video for this current “Editor’s Pick” article from the current issue of ANS! The article titled “Comorbidities in the Context of Care Transitions” is authored by  Janet H. Van Cleave, PhD, RN; Rebecca L. Trotta, PhD, RN; Susan Lysaght, PhD, RN; Melinda R. Steis, PhD, RN; Rebecca A. Lorenz, PhD, RN; and Mary D. Naylor, PhD, RN. In this article the authors  present the findings of their Dimensional Analysis approach that resulted in a schematic that can be useful for future nursing research studies that focus on evaluating outcomes of programs designed to improve health of vulnerable populations involved in care transitions.  Watch the video, in which Janet Van Cleave describes the study!

To download your copy of this article, visit the ANS web site.  Featured articles are free to download for a limited time, so do not delay!

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