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Just released online! “Innovations in Health Care Delivery”

The October-December 2013 issue of ANS has just been released online, featuring the topic “Innovations in Health Care Delivery.”  There could be no more timely occasion for the appearance of this issue. The United States is finally implementing a landmark health care law that moves in the direction of providing affordable and accessible health care for more citizens than ever before. Many other countries in the world already provide access to fundamental health care, and community-based wellness services, and now the United States embarks on a historical initiative to shift in this direction as well. The U.S. law calls for a more prominent emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention and community-based services, and nurses are called upon to be key providers in making these services available. The time for innovation is here, and the articles in this issue challenge all readers to consider possibilities, and to take action to build on the work of these authors!

You can view the Table of Contents online now.  Each article in this issue will be featured over the next several weeks in the “Editor’s Pick” section on the ANS home page with a link to download it at no cost.  I will post an announcement about each article on this blog, along with a message from the authors – so follow this blog to stay current on each featured article!


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