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Issue topic announced – Translational Scholarship

Translational Scholarship will be the topic for the issue to be published in September, 2015.  The date manuscripts for this issue will be due is January 15, 2015 – so you have time to plan your manuscript to be considered for this issue!  Here is the issue description:

Vol 38:3 – Translational Scholarship

For this issue of ANS we are seeking manuscripts that provide methodologic innovations that bring nursing theory, research and practice together, including translational research, emancipatory and participative approaches. Nursing research reports of studies using these methodologies are welcome, as are manuscripts that provide philosophic, theoretical or methodologic explanations of these approaches to scholarship. Manuscripts should include a strong emphasis on the development of nursing as a discipline. Date manuscripts are due: January 15, 2015

This information is posted on the ANS web site – along with a link to the “Information for Authors” for detailed information about manuscript preparation and submission.

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