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Our recent post from Dr. Lori Anderson’s featured article titled “The Development and Implementation of eSchoolCare: A Novel Health Care Support System for School Nurses” has drawn the attention of school nurses worldwide, affirming the great need for a support program like the one described in this article.  So I asked Dr. Anderson to provide a response to some of these comments here:

Thank you for the comments regarding the eSchoolCare blog posting. We take very seriously the feedback that we receive from school nurses. We built the eSchoolCare program from the ground up with strong nursing input, so it is gratifying to hear it resonates with nurses. On the other hand, your comments speak to the continued unmet needs of school nurses not only across our country, but worldwide.

One of the most popular features of eSchoolCare is the Community Forum. Nurses tell us that this is often the first place they check when visiting the site. A sample of  the topics from some recent postings: Management of diarrhea in the school, photo-screening, Definition of “medically fragile,” Vision screening for farsightedness, MA Billing, Policy for Service dogs/pets, Communicable disease-prevention, and Chronically absent students. This is a real potpourri of topics but captures the diversity of school nurse practice.  I think the Community Forum is helping to address the isolation that we have seen with school nurses and that the blog replies verify.

These are tight budgetary times and we realize that nurses may not have the funds to subscribe. We have had some very good success with local foundations and businesses sponsoring a subscription for their school nurse/s. If you would like more information on eSchoolCare, on the cost of a subscription, or ideas and sample letters for sponsorship, please or visit

Thank you to everyone for commenting!  It is great to hear from you, and hope you will continue to share your ideas along the way!  If you have not already seen Dr. Anderson’s article, it is still available as a free download on the ANS web site!

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