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Manuscript due date extended for ANS issue on “Post-Hospital Nursing”

Yes, indeed!  If you are close to polishing a manuscript related to the topic of “port-hospital nursing,” you have some time to send it in to be 15684347considered for publication in this issue!  The new due date is May 1, 2014!  Here is the description of this issue:

The period following hospitalization is a critical period in the process of recovery and healing. can be significantly influenced by nursing care in the hospital and in the community. For this issue we seek manuscripts that focus on nursing in post-hospital recovery. We particularly welcome articles that provide evidence on which nursing practice can be designed, as well as philosophic, theoretic, or economic analyses that address issues related to post-hospital recovery and the risk of re-hospitalization.

Nursing can play a significant role in quality of life and care after hospitalization, and this focus is growing as health care practices are changing to support efforts to reduce re-hospitalization!  So if you have something to contribute to this issue, please let us hear from you!!

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