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An exemplar of theory-guided practice


Susan Sullivan-Bolyai

All too often nurses wonder what theory has to do with their practice, sometimes even denying the relevance that theory might have to practice!  Our current featured article addresses this issue, providing a wonderful example of the relevance and usefulness of theory-guided practice.  The article, titled “Tried and True Self-Regulation Theory as a Guiding Framework for Teaching Parents Diabetes Education Using Human Patient Simulation,” is by Susan Sullivan-Bolyai, DNSc, CNS, RN, FAAN; Kimberly Johnson, BSN, CDE, RN; Karen Cullen, BSN, CDE, RN; Terry Hamm, BSN, CDE, RN; Jean Bisordi, BSN, CDE, RN; Kathleen Blaney, MPH, RN; Laura Maguire, MS, RN; and Gail Melkus, EdD, RN, FAAN.  In addition, it provides a wonderful example of a creative use of simulation to enhance patient teaching and learning.  Speaking about their article, Dr. Sullivan-Bolyal says:

in the spirit of family nursing research using Jean Johnson’s interpretation of Self-Regulation theory to guide our parent education intervention speaks to the unique core values of nursing and our contribution to searching for better ways to improve family and patient clinical outcomes. We hope this article underscores the importance of using theory to drive our nursing interventions.

Visit the ANS web site to download your copy of this article while it is featured!  Then return here, and add your comments, questions and ideas – we would be delighted to hear from you!

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