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Issue topic planned on “Toxic Stress”

We have just announced our projected issue topic on “Toxic Stress” for ANS Volume 39:4.  Manuscripts are due on April 15, 37-3 cover2016, but can be submitted at any time! Here is the description of this topic:

Toxic Stress
Vol 39:4 – December 2016
Manuscript Due Date: April 15, 2016

Toxic stress, unlike positive or tolerable stress, can result in life-long health challenges. For this issue of ANS we seek manuscripts that focus on the contributions that nurses are making to understanding the dynamics of toxic stress, and nursing approaches that demonstrate effective outcomes for children and adults suffering the effects of toxic stress. Articles that provide research outcomes, theoretic and philosophic constructions, practice models, or educational programs related to toxic stress are welcome. Implications for the development of nursing knowledge must be emphasized.

In addition, we always welcome submissions for the new “ANS General Topic” at any time!  Here is the information about this type of submission:

ANS General Topic
Manuscripts considered any time

Manuscripts submitted as “ANS General Topic” are expected to address the purposes of ANS, which are to contribute to the development of nursing science and to promote the application of emerging theories and research findings to practice.

You can see the full listing of our planned issue topics on the ANS Web site!  And our guidelines for authors can always be found here!

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