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Advancing Dignity: NonViolent Social Transformation

Just released ahead of print – a very timely article that addresses one of the most urgent social issues of our time and how nursing can play a role in addressing the challenges.  The article is titled “Transcendent Pluralism: A Middle-Range Theory of Nonviolent Social Transformation Through Human and Ecological Dignity” by Donna J. Perry, PhD, RN.  Dr. Perry has sent this message for ANS readers:

Even a casual scan of daily headlines makes evident widespread global suffering. In recent weeks Transcendent-pluralism-blog-2-smdistressing images have highlighted the desperate plight of refugees trying to escape violence in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. There is an urgent need to change global conditions of injustice, violence and environmental damage. Only when these underlying conditions are addressed will we be able to achieve a sustainable health for humanity. In recent years there have been numerous scientific reports linking social conditions such as violence and social injustice to health. This summer, agreement was reached on language for a draft United Nations (UN) agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals, a new agenda for human development through the year 2030. The document, Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, will be finalized and adopted at a special UN summit in September.

This visionary document makes clear the interdependence of multiple domains including health, peace, education and ecology. Nursing will be a critical force in achieving sustainable development over the next fifteen years. The article in the current issue of Advances in Nursing Science, “Transcendent Pluralism: A Middle-Range Theory of Nonviolent Social Transformation through Human and Ecological Dignity”, provides a framework for nurses to use in advancing nonviolent social transformation. Although it is written primarily from the context of societal issues I envision the theory as something nurses can use when working for institutional change within health care settings as well.

Working together we can truly transform the world and build a sustainable healthy global community.

You can access this article in the PAP (Published Ahead-of-Print) section of our web site!  Please read it, and return here to share you ideas!

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