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ANS Celebrates Nurses Week with Latest Issue!

The latest issue of Advances in Nursing Science has just been released, and to celebrate National Nurses Week all articles will be available at no cost!  This issue contains nine thought-provoking articles that address the needs of women39-2 Cover and girls internationally, plus three “General Topic” articles that have a bearing on women’s experience world-wide. Over the next 12 weeks, we will feature each of the articles on this blog, including messages from the authors and the opportunity to engage in online discussion about their work.  Follow this blog to get real-time notifications of each article’s feature delivered to your email! Here is the Table of Contents!

Women & Girls

Scheer, Victoria L.; Stevens, Patricia E.; Mkandawire-Valhmu, Lucy
Burton, Candace W.
Cleveland, Lisa M.; Bonugli, Rebecca J.; McGlothen, Kelly S.

Chulach, Teresa; Gagnon, Marilou; Holmes, Dave

Werunga, Jane; Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl; Ewashen, Carol
Garcia, Daisy S.
Whitty-Rogers, Joanne; Caine, Vera; Cameron, Brenda
Dole, Debora M.; Shambley-Ebron, Donna
Wright, Michelle L.; Starkweather, Angela R.; York, Timothy P.

General Topic Articles

Halstead, Valerie; De Santis, Joseph; Williams, Jessica
Spies, Lori A.
Lee, Youngjin; Seomun, GyeongAe
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