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Preview of upcoming issue – ANS 39:3

In a couple of weeks, the Fall issue of ANS, Vol 39 No 3 will be released!  This is our first issue that features articles on a wide range of topics, while maintaining the ANS tradition of articles that lead cutting-edge discourses on issues of critical importance for nursing and healthcare.  Here is a preview of the Table of Contents!

Marginalization: A revisitation with integration of scholarship on globalization, intersectionality, privilege, microaggressions and implicit biases
– Joanne M. Hall, PhD, RN, FAAN; Kelly Carlson, PhD, APRN-BC

Social Justice As a Lens for Understanding Workplace Mistreatment
– Christine Marie Moffa, MS; Joy Longo, PhD

Mixed Methods Research in the Discipline of Nursing
– Cheryl Tatano Beck, DNSc,CNM,FAAN; Lisa Harrison, MSN, PMHNP

Using Theory Integration to Explore Complex Health Problems
– Brenna Leda Quinn, PhD, RN, NCSN

A Framework of Complex Adaptive Systems: Parents As Partners in the NICU
– Amy L. D’Agata, PhD, MS, RN; Jacqueline McGrath, PhD, RN, FNAP, FAAN

Nurses’ knowledge about transgender patient care: A qualitative study
– Rebecca M Carabez, PhD, RN; Michele J. Eliason, Ph.D.; Marty Martinson, PhD

Teen Mothers’ experience of Intimate Partner Violence; a metasynthesis.
– Sarah Bekaert, MSc; Lee SmithBattle, PhD

Interpretation of Hospital Nurse Fatigue using Latent Profile Analysis
– Diane Ash Drake, Ph.D., R.N.; Linsey M. Barker Steege, PhD

Internet Recruitment of Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors
– Eun-Ok Im, PhD, MPH, RN, CNS, FAAN; Yaelim Lee, PhD; Xiaopeng Ji, MSN; Jingwen Zhang, MS; Sangmi Kim, MPH; Eunice Chee, BSE; Wonshik Chee, PhD; Hsiu-Min Tsai, PhD, FAAN; Masakazu Nishigaki, PhD; Seon Ae Yeo; Marilyn Shapira; Jun Mao, MD, MSCE

Development of Hermes, a new person-centered assessment tool in nursing rehabilitation, through action research
– Kristin Thorarinsdottir, RN, BScN, MScN; Kristen Bjornsdattir, RN, PhD; Kristjin Kristjinsson, PhD

Clinical Growth: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis
– Jessica Barkimer, MSN

Understanding Nursing Influence: Development of the Adams Influence Model using practice, research, and theory
– Jeffrey M Adams, PhD, RN, NEA-BC; Sudha Natarajan, PhD, RN
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    Can’t wait!

    July 21, 2016

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