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ANS “Concepts” Collection updated

One of the consistent features of ANS has been the publication of article focusing on the analysis and development of concepts. This is one of the fundamental processes required for sound scholarship, and nurses have used a wide range of approaches to do so.  Over the years, these methods have grown increasingly sophisticated and productive, and the new sequence of articles in this collection demonstrate.

The ANS collections are being updated to extend through the year 2006.  The collections are no all-inclusive of articles published in the journal; they are selected initially because of my editorial judgement of their lasting influence, and their importance as a foundation for contemporary nursing scholarship.  I welcome your response to these collections as they are updated in the weeks ahead!

Advances in Nursing Science
Created: 11/17/2009
Contains: 43
The following 24 items were added to this collection on 1/8/2017
Gast, Hertha L.; Denyes, Mary J.; Campbell, Jacquelyn C.; Hartweg, Donna L.; Schott-Baer, Darlene; Isenberg, Marjorie
Reed, Pamela G.; Leonard, Vernone E.
Madden, Barbara P.
Morse, Janice M.; Solberg, Shirley M.; Neander, Wendy L.; Bottorff, Joan L.; Johnson, Joy L.
Marck, Patricia
Kulbok, Pamela A.; Baldwin, Joan H.
Kolcaba, Katharine Y.
Davis, Gail C.
Müller, Mary E.; Dzurec, Laura Cox
Morse, Janice M.
Ellis-Stoll, Cynthia C.; Popkess-Vawter, Sue
Hall, Joanne M.
Shearer, Jennifer E.
Georges, Jane M.
Newlin, Kelley; Knafl, Kathleen; Melkus, Gail D’Eramo
Phillips, Debby A.; Drevdahl, Denise J.
Hall, Beverly A.
Dzurec, Laura Cox
Bekemeier, Betty; Butterfield, Patricia
Vasas, Elyssa B.
Harper, Mary G.
Kring, Daria L.
Cowling, W. Richard III; Shattell, Mona M.; Todd, Marti
Hall, Beverly A.
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