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Understanding Health Experience of Preterm Mothers

Our currnet featured article is title “Exploring Preterm Mothers’ Personal Narratives: Influences and Meanings” by Cherie S. Adkins, PhD, RN and Kim K. Doheny, PhD, NNP-BC.  This is an exemplary project focusing on caring in the human health experience, encompassing nursing’s dedication to a wholistic view of that experience.  Visit the ANS website while this article is featured to download the article at no cost!  Here is a message hat Dr. Adkins provided for ANS blog readers!

Cherie Adkins

On behalf of my co-author, Dr. Kim Doheny, and myself it is a true honor to have our article featured in the “Editor’s Picks” section on the Advances in Nursing Science website.  This article is based on my dissertation research completed as a PhD student in nursing at Penn State University.  While a doctoral student I had the privilege of working with Dr. Doheny (a neonatal nurse practitioner and biobehavioral scientist) as her graduate research assistant.  Even though my previous nursing experience included obstetrics, it was while working with Dr. Doheny that I came to more deeply understand preterm infants’ physiologic vulnerabilities and the care provided for them in the NICU.  As I grew increasingly familiar with the preterm world and the associated scientific literature, I began to wonder about the influence of a preterm birth on those most likely to care for these infants into early childhood and beyond, namely their mothers.  At the time there

Kim Doheny

was a dearth of research designed from the perspective of preterm mothers themselves; this gap inspired me to conduct the narrative inquiry study reported in this article.  I trust the lingering effect on those who read this article is that each mother of a former preterm infant has a unique, meaning-filled narrative about her mothering experience that needs to be heard and understood.

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