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ANS Collections Updated!

One of the most important challenges for scholars in all disciplines is finding the important classic literature related to your line of scholarship!  This is where the ANS Collections can help!  The Collections provide links to important classic articles that have student-thinking-clipart-mystery_clip_artappeared since the early days of ANS (October 1978) through 2009.  While all scholarship requires familiarity with the most recent literature in your field, it is equally important to know the history of your line of inquiry, and the important background leading up to where you are today.  But discovering this history is a major challenge, since keyword search capabilities for deep searches have changed dramatically in recent years and they do not reach back to the important historical documents.  So in addition to library key word searches, scholars also need to be intimately familiar with the content in journals that publish in your area of expertise.

I encourage you to browse these ANS Collections, organized by topics that appear regularly throughout ANS.  You just might find something you never knew existed, or long ago forgot!  This actually happened to me as I selected the articles for each Collection – articles that I had long ago forgotten suddenly came into a new light!

The Collections will be updated again, once sufficient time has passed to recognize material that stands the test of time! Meanwhile, take a virtual stroll through the Collections and discover what is there to inform you work anew!

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