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Description, Critical Reflection and Evaluation of Transitions Theory

The current featured article is by Katja Bohner, MNSc, of Switzerland, titled  “Theory Description, Critical Reflection, and Theory Evaluation of the Transitions Theory of Meleis et al according to Chinn and Kramer (2011).” The article is available to download at no cost while it is featured, and we welcome your comments and questions here!  This is a message that Ms. Bohner sent for ANS blog

Katja Bohner


The future will ask: What did you do?

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about my latest work.

If the future would ask me today: What did you do? I would first say in regard to this work that even though I experienced mixed feelings (e.g. excitement or insecurity) all the way long, I continued doing this work. And even though it felt “risky,” venturing into the unknown with the inherent surprises and new insights, I always felt that WHAT I am doing is worth the  effort. So, what I have learned again in this (working) process, is that finally it is about values that guide the process of navigating through the uncharted terrain of life in general and making transitions. For me, more than ever, values are what make us human beings and acting a life worth living.  So I hope that my work inspires readers to go on sharing their values by acting according to them.


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