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Nurses Experiences with Assisted Death

In the current featured open access ANS article, the authors present the outcome of their synthesis of literature focused on nurses experiences with assisted death.  The article is titled  “Ethical, Policy, and Practice Implications of Nurses’ Experiences With Assisted Death:Synthesis” authored by Barbara Pesut, PhD, RN; Sally Thorne, PhD, RN; Madeleine Greig, MSN, RN; Adam Fulton, BScN; Robert Janke, MLIS; and Mathew Vis-Dunbar, MLIS.  Because this is an open access article, you can download and read it at any time!  As the primary author Barbara Pesut states in the video message below, we are eager to hear your responses and comments to this work.  Dr. Pesut has also invited readers to contact her for more information or to discuss this topic!  Please view the video – it is a compelling explanation of the importance of nurse presence in this situation, the important judgments that nurses form, and their role in supporting and advocating for the patient.  

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