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Planned ANS featured topics!

As we approach the year 2020, we invite ANS readers and nursing scholars everywhere to take a look at the topics we are featuring in the next couple of years. Even though we no longer dedicate entire issues to a topic, we continue to call for articles related to topics that we believe have particular significance for nursing and healthcare.  Here is the lineup:

Methods for Nursing Knowledge Development
Vol 43:3 –  September 2020
Manuscript due date: January 15, 2020
Vol 43:3
We seek innovative approaches to knowledge development in relation to all patterns of knowing in nursing. We also welcome manuscripts that critique any methodologic approach, manuscripts that explore the philosophic, including ethical underpinnings related to the development of nursing knowledge, and manuscripts that address the critical connections between practice and knowledge development approaches.
Humanizing Precision Science
Vol 43:4 –  December 2020
Manuscript due date: April 15, 2020
Vol 43:3
One of the trends of our time is the development of “precision science” – a trend that deserves careful consideration going forward. We seek manuscripts for this issue that provides assessment, explanation, evaluation and critique of this trend in light of the underlying foundations of nursology. This featured topic intentionally calls for both rigor and creativity that provides avenues for discussion and possible new directions in the development of our discipline.
Social Influences on Health
Vol 44:1 –  March 2021
Manuscript due date: July 15, 2020
Awareness of social influences on health (often called social determinants of health) has grown in recent decades as social, political and environmental challenges have increasingly threatened the health and all it inhabitants.  For this issue we invite articles addressing specific nursing approaches related to these issues, and advances in nursing knowledge that forms a foundation for nursing’s contributions to this important area of focus.
Historical Trauma & Health
Vol 44:2 –  June 2021
Manuscript due date: October 15, 2020
Nursing has a long history of practice and scholarship related to the care of people who experience trauma of all types. However, the health effects of historical trauma only recently have begun to be conceptualized and understood as a significant determinant of health.  For this issue of ANS, we invite scholarship that addresses this important connection and provides a clear perspective founded on nursing’s fundamental values. We welcome research reports, philosophic, including ethics analysis, and exploration of theory and evidence guided practice.
Social Justice, Big Data & Health Disparities
Vol 44:3 –  September 2021
Manuscript due date: January 15, 2021
We are seeking articles that provide a social jusice lens to the emerging ways in which big data are being used , and how these approaches can inform nursing approaches to addressing health disparities. We seek in particular articles that report research, practice, education and policy informed by nursing theoretical and philosophic perspectives.
Values and Vicissitudes of Nursing Scholarship
Vol 44:4 – December 2021
Manuscript due date – April 15, 2021
The evolution of scholarship as online publishing emerged in the past 15 years now points to an urgency to be crystal clear about the standards that shape the scholarship of our discipline, affirm these standards as collective values, and that serve as guideposts for the evolution of scholarship in the future.  For this issue of ANS we welcome manuscripts that explore the values and vicissitudes on which our standards are built.  Articles can address specific areas of focus, or more broadly on underlying philosophic concerns.

General Manuscripts are welcome any time ​

Manuscripts generally relevant to the purposes of the journal are welcome at any time. The purposes of ANS are to advance the development of nursing knowledge and to promote the integration of nursing philosophies, theories and research with practice. We expect high scholarly merit and encourage innovative, cutting edge ideas that challenge prior assumptions and that present new, intellectually challenging perspectives. We seek works that speak to global sustainability and that take an intersectional approach, recognizing class, color, sexual and gender identity, and other dimensions of human experience related to health.​​

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