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Social Cohesion in Health

Our current featured ANS article is titled “Social Cohesion in Health: A Concept Analysis” authored by Hailey N. Miller, PhD, RN; Clifton P. Thornton, MSN, CPNP; Tamar Rodney, PhD, PMHNP-BC; Roland J. Thorpe Jr, PhD and Jerilyn Allen, ScD, RN. We invite you to download this article at no cost while it is featured, and share your thoughts here! Dr. Miller shared this background about this work:

Hailey Miller

Early on in my PhD program, I grew an interest in understanding the social determinants of health, specifically as they relate to cardiometabolic diseases. While conducting a literature review to narrow my dissertation research question, I identified a gap in the literature surrounding the relationship between social cohesion and obesity. At the same time, I noticed the heterogeneity in how dimensions of the social environment, specifically social cohesion, were conceptualized and operationalized in literature. This made using the findings to draw conclusions and inform my dissertation work difficult. As a result, my colleagues and I decided to conduct a concept analysis on social cohesion. The findings from this concept analysis were integral to the development of my dissertation and the interpretation of my findings. It is my hope that readers find this article useful in informing their future work, as well.  

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