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Ethical Leadership and Moral Sensitivity

The current ANS featured article is titled “Effect of Ethical Leadership on Moral Sensitivity in Chinese Nurses: A Multilevel Structural Equation Model” by Na Zhang, PhD; Xing Bu, MBA; Zhen Xu, PhD; Zhenxing Gong, PhD and Faheem Gul Gilal, PhD. This article from researchers in China and Pakistan will be available for download while it is featured. We invite you to engage here with the authors and other ANS readers about this work! Here is a message from Dr. Zhang about this work:

This article aimed to explore the relationship between ethical leadership (a contextual factor at the higher organizational level) and nurses’ moral sensitivity (the individual outcome at a lower level), a cross-sectional quantitative study design was used. Participants were 525 nurses at 65 various departments in public tertiary hospitals. These results showed that ethical climate played a mediating role in the relationship between ethical leadership and nurses’ moral sensitivity. Moreover, nurses’ employment type moderated the mediating effect of ethical leadership on their moral sensitivity. Additionally, the link between ethical climate and moral sensitivity of contract nurses was stronger than that of nurses employed by the state.

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