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Impulsivity: A central concept into human behaviors

The current ANS featured article is titled “A Review of the Concept of Impulsivity: An evolutionary perspective,” authored by Mohammed M. Al-Hammouri, Ph.D., IBA, CHPE, RN; Jehad Rababah, PhD, RN; and Celeste Shawler, PhD, PMHCNS-BC. While the article is featured, you can download and read it at no cost! Here is a message about this work from the primary author, Mohammed Al-Hammouri:

Mohammed Al-Hammouri

As a certified behavior analyst and an associate professor at Jordan University of Science and technology-Faculty of Nursing,  I believe that nursing is privileged to deal with complex human behavior. Thus, my current work is to bring the attention of the nursing community to an important concept relevant to human behaviors. Impulsivity is a central concept of various behavior modification theories and models such as Hot/Cool System model and the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These theories and models were extensively used for positive behavioral change in other fields. However, they were overlooked by the nursing scientific community despite their relevance to health-related practices. I feel committed to bringing such interesting and valuable concepts to expand the literature and scientific knowledge in behavior modification. 

The concept is readily applicable to the nursing practice in all settings and human behavior phenomena. I guarantee that reading the article will be an eye-opener for nursing researchers and practitioners for innovative and creative ideas. During the review process of our article, the reviewer themselves proposed novel applications of the concept within the field of nursing. Our concept analysis paper offers a practical definition of the concept of impulsivity in relevance to the nursing practice. We hope that our article will be an important step toward the advent of nursing research in this area.

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