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A Proposed Conceptual Model for Nursing Based on Iranian Mysticism and Wisdom

The current featured ANS article is authored by Lida Nikfarid, PhD, titled “Human as an Embodied Spirit”: A Proposed Conceptual Model for Nursing Based on Iranian Mysticism. While this article is featured, you can download it at no cost from the ANS website! Dr. Nikfarid shares this information about her work for ANS readers!

Dr. Nikfarid

Nursing theories have been influenced by Western philosophy. For example, existentialism and humanism, which are more or less dominant in nursing theories, are based on Western philosophical thought. Man as the incarnate soul is an Eastern conceptual framework for nursing. The framework has its roots in Iranian philosophy and mysticism, dating back thousands of years. But its main concepts have developed from the theories of Mulla Sadra, Ibn Sina, and Rumi, who are Iranian philosophers, physicians, and Sufi poets, respectively. Ibn Sina’s views are rooted in the philosophical thought of ancient Greece, especially Aristotle and the Unani holistic system of medicine. His unique system of medicine, now academically, is part of the Iranian medical system as traditional Iranian medicine and scientists in this field are working hard to establish Provide scientific and evidence-based for this holistic medical system. Mulla Sadra’s theory of the unity of the essence of beings and their ranking is consistent with modern physical concepts, and finally, in Rumi’s poems, the predominant theme is love. But the conceptual framework of man as an embodied soul is designed with nursing terminology, secular and testable in any population. In this context, the art and science of nursing can be classified into two categories of knowledge-based and love-based interventions. They are considered complementary, and each cannot bring the patient to health without the other. In this context, the concept of human has a novel and unique definition that can explain the range of physical, mental, social, and spiritual health problems and provide them with physical, cognitive, and spiritual interventions. The concept of temperament, the relationship between soul and body, ranking of the soul and having powered in each rank, the issue of balance in temperament and performance of powers to achieve health and harmony with other parts of the universe to maintain and promote the health of others for emerging nursing literature But they are rich, comprehensive and holistic. Eastern views on the development of nursing theories should not be overlooked.

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