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Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

The featured ANS article for the next two weeks is titled “Patient Deterioration on General Care Units: A Concept Analysis” authored by Mary Rose Gaughan, MS, RN, CNE and Carla R. Jungquist, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN, both at the School of Nursing, University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo). While this article is featured, please visit the ANS website where you can download it at no cost, and we welcome you to add your comments here about this work. Here is a message from Mary Rose Gaughan about this work:

Mary Rose Gaughan

I have been a practicing critical care and emergency room nurse in upstate New York for many years. During my time at the bedside, I have directly observed patients exhibit specific cues that alert the nurse that deterioration is occurring. This concept is difficult to teach by textbook and requires direct observation to understand the phenomena. My future research will involve interviewing expert nurses to clarify these cues that hallmark patient deterioration.

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