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Preview of upcoming issue – ANS 39:3

In a couple of weeks, the Fall issue of ANS, Vol 39 No 3 will be released!  This is our first issue that features articles on a wide range of topics, while maintaining the ANS tradition of articles that lead cutting-edge discourses on issues of critical importance for nursing and healthcare.  Here is a preview of the Table of Contents!

Marginalization: A revisitation with integration of scholarship on globalization, intersectionality, privilege, microaggressions and implicit biases
– Joanne M. Hall, PhD, RN, FAAN; Kelly Carlson, PhD, APRN-BC

Social Justice As a Lens for Understanding Workplace Mistreatment
– Christine Marie Moffa, MS; Joy Longo, PhD

Mixed Methods Research in the Discipline of Nursing
– Cheryl Tatano Beck, DNSc,CNM,FAAN; Lisa Harrison, MSN, PMHNP

Using Theory Integration to Explore Complex Health Problems
– Brenna Leda Quinn, PhD, RN, NCSN

A Framework of Complex Adaptive Systems: Parents As Partners in the NICU
– Amy L. D’Agata, PhD, MS, RN; Jacqueline McGrath, PhD, RN, FNAP, FAAN

Nurses’ knowledge about transgender patient care: A qualitative study
– Rebecca M Carabez, PhD, RN; Michele J. Eliason, Ph.D.; Marty Martinson, PhD

Teen Mothers’ experience of Intimate Partner Violence; a metasynthesis.
– Sarah Bekaert, MSc; Lee SmithBattle, PhD

Interpretation of Hospital Nurse Fatigue using Latent Profile Analysis
– Diane Ash Drake, Ph.D., R.N.; Linsey M. Barker Steege, PhD

Internet Recruitment of Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors
– Eun-Ok Im, PhD, MPH, RN, CNS, FAAN; Yaelim Lee, PhD; Xiaopeng Ji, MSN; Jingwen Zhang, MS; Sangmi Kim, MPH; Eunice Chee, BSE; Wonshik Chee, PhD; Hsiu-Min Tsai, PhD, FAAN; Masakazu Nishigaki, PhD; Seon Ae Yeo; Marilyn Shapira; Jun Mao, MD, MSCE

Development of Hermes, a new person-centered assessment tool in nursing rehabilitation, through action research
– Kristin Thorarinsdottir, RN, BScN, MScN; Kristen Bjornsdattir, RN, PhD; Kristjin Kristjinsson, PhD

Clinical Growth: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis
– Jessica Barkimer, MSN

Understanding Nursing Influence: Development of the Adams Influence Model using practice, research, and theory
– Jeffrey M Adams, PhD, RN, NEA-BC; Sudha Natarajan, PhD, RN

Updated and Revised ANS Author’s Guide

We have recently made significant changes to the ANS Author’s Guide, adding material related to authorship, social media, and open access publishing in ANS – and much more!  ANS follows widely accepted standards for publishing, so you might find this resource helpful regardless of how, when or where you plan to submit your work for publication.  You can access this information on the ANS web site – right from the main “For Authors” menu.  Below is the Index so you can see all the topics covered, and you can even click on a topic to go directly to that section in the Guide!


Just Published! ANS 38:4 Featuring “Veterans Health” articles!

Given the recent history of international conflict and violence, the health and well-being of those who have served the 38-4 covermilitary of any country world-wide has become a major challenge that influences the well-being of families, communities and nations. This issue of ANS includes four articles that address the health of veterans and their families, and a guest editorial that provides information about the U.S. military research programs that are addressing these significant challenges. In addition, this issue includes a number of “General Topic” articles that extend the discourse in a number of areas of important nursing scholarship.

Watch for our “Editor’s Pick” articles over the next several weeks, read the articles, and follow this blog to stay current with messages from the authors as they are featured!

New ANS Issue Just Released Featuring “Translational Scholarship”

Today we released ANS 38:3, which features articles on the topic “Translational Scholarship” as well as two “General Topic” articles!  I am particularly excited about this issue because it contains ground-breaking 38-3 coverinformation that has real implications for both nursing practice and nursing knowledge development.  Please take a few minutes to browse the Table of Contents.  I am confident that you will see something in this issue that you will want to read, and/or share with someone you know!

Thanks to all of the dedicated scholars who contributed to this issue.  As with most issues of ANS, the authors include some well-known scholars whose work is already widely recognized for its importance to the discipline.  But there are also authors who are early in the development of their careers and whose work promises to become increasingly valuable as they move forward.

As always, we would love to hear from you about this issue.  Each article will be featured here on the blog, with a message from the authors, over the next 12 weeks. Remember, while each article is featured it will be available for download without charge!   If you want to be notified when this happens, just subscribe to this blog, and an email will be delivered with content from the featured blog post!

Future Issue Topics Update!

One of the hallmarks of ANS has always been our future issue topics, calling forth a collection of current scholarly articles that address a particular theme or topic.  While the topics form a focus, they also embrace a wide range of scholarship, so in each issue you are likely to find something that introduces a new idea or challenges “old” ideas!  Recently we added a feature we are calling “ANS General Topic” to accommodate cutting-edge scholarship that is not quite fitting for our issue topics.  Still, there is a strong interest in our topics, so we are continuing to encourage scholars to watch for topics that are well suited to their work!  Here are the topics that are currently on the schedule, with links to the descriptions on the ANS web site:

ANS General Topic
Submissions any time

39:1 – Technologies, Nursing & Health – March 2016
Manuscript Due Date – July 15, 2015

39:2 – Women & Girls – June 2016
Manuscript Due Date – October 15, 2015

39:3 – Palliative Care – September 2016
Manuscript Due Date – January 15, 2016

39:4 – Toxic Stress – December 2016
Manuscript Due Date – April 15, 2016

Historical Nursing Documents Archived by City of Toronto

This update has been provided by Adeline Falk-Rafael to follow-up on the ANS article titled “Towards Justice in Health.”An Exemplar of Speaking Truth to Power.

Our article “Towards Justice in Health: An exemplar of speaking truth to power” is an analysis of 6 issues of the magazine (TJH) produced by Nurses for Social Responsibility (NSR) in Toronto, Canada, between 1992 and 1995. The article reported that the request of the magazine’s editors for archival of the magazine in the Library and Archives Canada had been denied.

A few days ago, Cathy Crowe, one of the magazine’s editors, notified us that the City of Toronto Archives has accepted both the 6 issues of the magazine and the NSR’s newsletters which predated the magazine and were alluded to in the article but were not part of the analysis. As Cathy Crowe noted, they will now be available “to aid and inspire future nurse and academic researchers on nursing and social justice.”

The vision and courage of these remarkable nurses for social responsibility is evident in some of the topics they wrote about and in which they actively sought change between 1985 and 1995. Their newsletter s and, in the later years, their magazine, covered many contentious issues that impacted health, including the environment, the sale of arms and war itself, women’s reproductive rights, health care policy, trade agreements, lesbian nurses, and needle-exchange programs, as well as issues that affected nurses in the workplace, such as working conditions and staffing mix. As we said in the article, they were exemplars in speaking truth to power and it is fortunate that the newsletters and magazines will now be available for aspiring historians and activists.

The images below of the newsletter and the magazine provide examples of the amazing topics that were addressed in this publication! Their placement in the City of Toronto archives provides a valuable resource and inspiration for nursing’s continuing social justice commitment.  For more information about Dr. Falk-Rafael’s and Dr. Bradley’s analysis of these important historical publications, see their blog message published here in August 2014.



ANS 38:2 now published!

ANS 38:2 was released today and is available to view online!  This issuwhich focuses on the topic “Models of Care for the Future.” This issue contains two notable “firsts” for the journal, To begin, an interview with Dr Barbara Carper by Elizabeth Eisenhauer introduces our new feature: “ANS General Topics.” This issue also contains the first ANS “open access” article: “Adaptive Leadership Framework for Chronic Illness” by Dr. Ruth Anderson and her colleagues. The articles that focus on the issue topic “Models of care for the Future” cover a broad spectrum of settings and approaches to care that can inspire new ideas and possibilities. If you follow this blog, you will receive notices of our posts that feature each of the articles included in this issue over the next several weeks!  I hope you will also visit the blog frequenty, and share your comments and ideas!  We will respond!

The Ultimate ANS “Ethics” Collection

“Ethical Practice, Quality Care,” is the theme for this year’s National Nurses’ Week, which begins on May 6, 2015.  To celebrate this week, we have compiled from the Journal archives the most groundbreaking, read and cited ethics articles that address ethical issues in nursing and health care!  The collection features classic ANS articles from the first 20 years – articles that remain relevant, timely and essential guides for discussion and dialog related to the pressing ethical issues of our discipline.  The authors of the twenty articles in the collection are among the most cited nursing scholars whose writings continue to shape ethical thought in nursing.

This collection will be prominently displayed on the ANS Web site all week.  But it is available now so that you can have a head start in preparing for the many discussion that will focus on ethics during the week of celebration.  Click here to go to the collection.  ANA-NNW2015-Logo

ANS Volume 38:1 Just Released! Patterns of Health Behavior

Patterns of health behavior, the topic of this issue of ANS, are at the heart of nursing’s concern. In this issue you will find 38-1 coverthought-provoking articles that address specific health behaviors that constitute human responses to health challenges. Several of these articles provide insights that expand understanding of human responses, and evidence that inform nursing practice. Watch the ANS web site and blog over the coming weeks as we feature each of these articles, with messages from the authors about their work.

Visit the ANS web site now!  Here is what you will find in this new issue!

Guest Editorial by Mickey Eliason – Neoliberalism and Health

Guest Editorial by Richard Cowling –Contextualizing Patterns of Health Behavior: A Unitary-Emancipatory-Transformative Perspective

Erika Boman, Anette H¨aggblom, Berit Lundman, Bj¨orn Nygren and Regina Santamaki FischerInner strength as identified in narratives of elderly women: A focus group interview study

Sadie P. Hutson, Joanne M. Hall and Frankie L. Pack – Survivor Guilt: Analyzing the Concept and its Contexts

Shawn M. Kneipp and Linda Beeber – Social Withdrawal as a Self-Management Behavior for Migraine: Implications for Depression Comorbidity Among Disadvantaged Women

Ingrid Ruud Knutsen – A Discursive Look at Large Bodies—Implications for Discursive Approaches in Nursing and Health Research

Deborah Christensen – The Health Change Trajectory Model An Integrated Model of Health Change

New ANS Topics: “Palliative Care” and “Open Topic”

new1With the beginning of a new year, we have a big announcement!  First we have added a new topic to the usual line-up of issue topics – Palliative Care for ANS 39:3 with a manuscript submission date of January 15, 2016.  In addition, we are introducing the “Open Topic,” which makes it possible to submit your manuscript at any time!

During the manuscript submission process, if you select “Open Topic” on the list of future issue topics, your manuscript will be entered into the peer review system, which should be completed within about 8 weeks of submission.  Once your manuscript has been favorably reviewed and accepted for publication, it will be scheduled for the next available issue.  ANS issues will still include manuscripts that are focused on the scheduled issue topic, but will also include “Open Topic” articles that generally address the purposes of ANS, which are to contribute to the development of nursing science and to promote the application of emerging theories and research findings to practice.

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