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Conversational Interviewing

This week’s Editor’s Pick article is titled “Making Meaning in Qualitative Research With Conversational Partnerships: A Methodological Discussion” by Susan M. Hunter Revell, PhD, RN.  In this article, Dr. Revell describes the interviewing method she uses in her research.  This is a 3-part approach to interviewing that facilitates a deep understanding of a person’s experiences.  I highly recommend this article for anyone interested in qualitative methods, because Dr. Revell provides a rich description of the method, and discusses some of the challenges she encountered in using the method.  She uses an example of her own approach to this type of interview with a person who has experienced a traumatic spinal cord injury.  By using a 3-part interview, she was able to reflect on the person’s words, the messages that Revell-wheelchair_smwere conveyed in both verbal and non-verbal elements of the interview, and plan subsequent interviews to explore meanings of the person’s experience in greater depth.  Dr. Revell starts her discussion of the example as follows:

 When using the responsive interviewing method, it is the conversational partnership that becomes the instrument in the study. The following discussion reflects on this perspective including the importance of establishing trust and rapport in the conversational partnership, challenges faced regarding the researcher role, and some unexpected findings from using the method.

To read more of her insights in this discussion, visit the ANS web site now!  Her article is available for download at no cost while it is being featured!

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