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Recognizability: Assessing External Validity

This week’s “Editor’s Pick” article is titled “Recognizability: A Strategy for Assessing External Validity and for Facilitating Knowledge Transfer in Qualitative Research” by Hanne Konradsen, PhD; Marit Kirkevold, DrEd; and Karin Olson, PhD.  Dr. Konradsen sent this message for our blog:

Dear ANS and readers


Hanne Konradsen

When you sit and type on your computer, you often wonder “will anyone ever read this?”, “will anyone else think this is interesting?” and “will this in any way help improve lives or situations for patients?”

In debates external validity has been an issue that has divided qualitative researchers in many different groups. We argue in this article, that recognisability could serve as a strategy for quality assessment in relation to grounded theory. And for facilitating knowledge transfer. This implies that the researcher must be active in the scientific as well as public debate. Hopefully some will read the conclusions from the research. But it is equally important that the researcher must present the results in different forums. This gives the possibility for a wide variety of people to give their opinion regarding the results, and assess the recognizability of the findings. From these responses the researcher can then collect and paint a picture of whether others find the results important and whether the results of the research can contribute to future patient care.

You can download your copy of this article while it is featured!  Visit the ANS web site now!


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